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95% of our financial audit recommendations accepted
93% of our performance audit recommendations accepted

Improving public sector accountability and performance

Our audits identify opportunities for improving public sector accountability and performance. We develop recommendations in consultation with the entities we audit in response to our audit findings. Our recommendations are reported to the entities involved and, for the more significant matters, to parliament. Most entities agree with our recommendations.

Of the 335 recommendations we made to the 39 financial audit entities included in our governance and controls volume in 2017-18, 319 (95 per cent) were accepted, meeting our target of 95 per cent.

Ninety-three per cent of performance audit recommendations were accepted either in full, or in principle, a significant improvement on last year’s result and above our target of 90 per cent.

In regards to the recommendations we have made, it is pleasing we continue to make an impact through these recommendations, as the following case studies highlight.

Case studies

Detecting and Responding to Cyber Security Incidents

Tabled in February 2018, this report advised that given current weaknesses identified, the NSW public sector’s ability to detect and respond to incidents needs to improve significantly and quickly.

In June 2018, the NSW government announced $20 million in funding for cyber security. Read report.


Planning for School Infrastructure

Following the tabling of this report, the government allocated an additional $4.2 billion over the next four years for school infrastructure. It also established the School Infrastructure NSW unit within the Department of Education to implement the School Assets Strategic Plan, a blueprint for the future of school infrastructure in New South Wales. Read report.


Implementation of the NSW Government’s Program Evaluation Initiative

Tabled in November 2016, this report concluded that the NSW government was not receiving sufficient information from the initiative to make evidence-based investment decisions, and there was little assurance that the right programs were being evaluated.

NSW Treasury advised that it has since developed an evidence bank to collect data from completed program evaluations across government. The evidence bank will contain comparative analysis of program effectiveness, costs and benefits so that Treasury can provide evidence-based advice to the NSW government on agency funding bids for evaluated programs.

The Treasury and the Department of Premier and Cabinet have also advised that they have improved their oversight of agencies’ proposed programs nominated for evaluation to ensure these reflect NSW government priorities. Read report.


Planning and Evaluating Palliative Care Services in NSW

The audit report concluded that there was not effective planning and evaluation of palliative care services. It also concluded that there is a limited understanding of the quantity and quality of palliative care services, making it difficult for Health to plan for future demand and the workforce required to deliver it. The NSW government announced a record $100 million funding boost to palliative care shortly before our report was tabled in parliament. Read report.


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