Appendix five

Financial audit reports


Report Date released
Report on State Finances 24 October 2017
Report on Central Agencies 21 November 2017
Report on Justice 2017 28 November 2017
Report on Health 2017 5 December 2017
Report on Family and Community Services 2017 8 December 2017
Report on Industry 2017 12 December 2017
Report on Education 2017 14 December 2017
Report on Transport 2017 15 December 2017
Report on Planning and Environment 2017 19 December 2017
Report on Internal Controls and Governance 2017 20 December 2017
Report on Local Government 2017 20 April 2018
Report on Universities 2017 Audits 8 June 2018

Performance audit reports

Agencies audited Performance audit report Date released
NSW Department of Education ICT in schools for teaching and learning 6 July 2017
NSW Department of Planning and Environment Office of Strategic Lands 10 August 2017
NSW Health Planning and evaluating palliative care services in NSW 17 August 2017
NSW Department of Planning and Environment Energy rebates for low income households 19 September 2017
NSW Department of Education Sharing school and community facilities 1 November 2017
Department of Premier and Cabinet

NSW Department of Justice

Office of Local Government

Government Advertising: Campaigns from 2015-16 and 2016-17 2 November 2017
NSW Ambulance

NSW Health

Managing demand for ambulance services 13 December 2017
Office of Local Government Council reporting on service delivery 1 February 2018
NSW Department of Finance, Services & Innovation Detecting and responding to cyber security incidents 2 March 2018
NSW Health

NSW Treasury

NSW Fair Trading

NSW Police Force

NSW Treasury Corporation

Managing risk in the NSW public sector: risk culture and capability 23 April 2018
NSW Department of Education Grants to non-government schools 3 May 2018
Infrastructure NSW

Department of Premier and Cabinet

Transport for NSW

Regional assistance programs 17 May 2018
NSW Health HealthRoster benefits realisation 7 June 2018
Office of Local Government Shared services in local government 21 June 2018
Office of Local Government Fraud controls in local councils 22 June 2018
Environment Protection Agency Regulation of water pollution in drinking water catchments and illegal disposal of solid waste 28 June 2018


Special reports


Entities audited Title Date released
NSW Department of Finance, Services & Innovation

NSW Health

Report on agency compliance with NSW Government travel policies 23 November 2017
NSW Department of Finance, Services & Innovation Assessment of the use of a training program 27 June 2018
Performance audit insights: key findings from 2014-2018 29 June 2018

Professional Update

Professional Update is produced monthly by our Quality and Innovation Group with the main purpose of informing our readers of current issues in the accounting and auditing industry.

Professional Update was published monthly in 2017 until November and has since moved to a quarterly publication in 2018. The following have been published in the financial year of 2017–18:

  • July 2017
  • August 2017
  • September 2017
  • October 2017
  • November 2017
  • March 2018
  • June 2018.

Annual Report

Annual Report 2016–17 published 11 September 2017.

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