Setting direction

We have a strong commitment to strategic planning


(based on ASX Principle 1)

Our corporate plan

Our 2017–20 Corporate Plan was developed by the Office Executive and the Leadership Team to achieve our vision and meet the strategic priorities of the Audit Office.

Our strategic focus areas for 2017–18 were:

1. Products

Our insights are trusted as independent, relevant, timely and impactful, and they make a positive contribution to government financial reporting and performance. Our partnerships with stakeholders will be responsive and value-adding.

2. Systems and Processes

Our innovative technology, systems and processes are integrated, efficient and improve organisational performance. We have the capability and capacity to keep pace with a fast-changing world.

3. People and Culture

Our people are diverse, dynamic, agile and insightful and work in a collaborative and constructive environment. They are connected to each other and our stakeholders, and are developed to be leaders in their field.

4. Finances

Our financial frameworks are fiscally responsible, future-focused, and ensure our sustainability.

The strategic initiatives that underpin our four focus areas are outlined below.


Local Government

Goal for 2017–18:

Develop our capacity to deliver high quality audit services to the local government sector into the future.

Key achievements include:

  • completion of 139 financial audits of councils, the first under our new local government mandate and representing a 30 per cent increase in our audit work
  • our first three performance audit Auditor-General’s reports on local government
  • our first financial audit Auditor-General’s report on councils
  • extensive stakeholder engagement including roadshows and workshops.


Influencing for Impact

Goal for 2017–18:

Engage effectively with all our external stakeholders to ensure we deliver audits that are of a high quality and lead to improved public sector reporting and performance.

Key achievements include:

  • stakeholder workshops such as the Performance Audit Industry Workshop
  • hosted the IMPACT Conference, an international conference on emerging trends in public sector governance
  • developed a key stakeholder engagement plan
  • created local government sub-brand
  • modernised and streamlined our financial statements and included transparency reporting in our annual report
  • commenced work on developing a new, modern, accessible website.


Data Analytics

Goal for 2017–18:

Develop our capacity to use data analytics to improve audit insights.

Key achievements include:

  • created a data visualisation for our financial audit report on local government
  • commenced development of a data analytics strategy
  • started piloting data analytics tools
  • developed an audit innovation maturity assessment and roadmap.


Reporting Process

Goal for 2017–18:
Build streamlined, efficient processes that support the production of clear, concise and insightful reports.

Key achievements include:

  • developed a modern, accessible and easy-to-use design template
  • developed an all-of-office reporting timetable
  • piloted collaborative editorial review technologies
  • commissioned specialist services to uplift the structure and content of reports
  • produced the inaugural report on Internal Controls and Governance
  • developed a summary video to accompany our first report on council financial audits.


Working Better, Working Together

Goal for 2016–17:

Define what our work will look like in the future, the capabilities we will need, and the culture and conditions we will need to create. This initiative also seeks to ensure our people work in an environment of diversity and empowerment, supported by clear and focused leadership.

Key achievements include:

  • commenced our major Future Workplace Project to secure and establish a modern office space with supporting technology. Completed a Workplace Strategy as the foundation of the project.
  • progressed a Workforce Strategy
  • developed a Leadership Development Framework
  • implemented the first year of our Indigenous Internship Program.


Technology and Process Innovation

Goal for 2017–18:

Continuously improve our systems and processes to ensure our sustainability, and the efficiency and effectiveness of our work.

Key achievements include:

  • delivered a major project to replace our on-site data centre with a cloud-based facility
  • developed a roadmap to uplift our cyber security capability
  • implemented MiService, allowing for services task tracking and reporting
  • developed a Corporate Reporting Framework.

The year ahead

Our 2017–20 Corporate Plan identifies a clear vision – ‘Our insights inform and challenge government to improve outcomes for citizens’. This vision, and the strategic objectives that support the vision, will be achieved by building organisational capabilities through continued work on the six strategic initiatives above.

More details on our strategic initiatives for 2018–19 can be found here.