Parliamentary response to our work

Promoting improvements

Supported the Public Accounts Committee in following up 20 earlier performance audits

Parliament follows up on progress in implementing our recommendations

The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) holds the entities we audit to account for implementing the recommendations in our reports. It does so through follow-up inquiries conducted a year after the reports are tabled. The PAC may hold a public inquiry to seek further information from agencies regarding our reports and can make further recommendations for action when it considers them necessary.

In 2017–18, the PAC has sought our comment on agencies’ progress in implementing recommendations from 20 of our completed performance audit reports. Four of these reports were also subject to a public inquiry.

The PAC’s report on its examination of these audits noted that ‘with some exceptions, the Committee is generally satisfied that the responsible agencies are now implementing the Auditor-General’s recommendations, while identifying areas where more action is required.’

The process has proven to be an effective means of testing action taken on performance audits and maintaining a high level of scrutiny of the agencies under review.

This PAC report made ten recommendations designed to improve the performance of government entities, building on matters already identified by the Auditor-General.

The year ahead

In 2018–19, we plan to further strengthen our support to parliament and the PAC by:

  • led by the Auditor-General, continuing to build on our strong relationship with the Public Accounts Committee
  • continuing to respond promptly and thoroughly to all requests from NSW Parliament for Audit Office support, including all audit suggestions
  • producing 22 performance audit reports on issues of importance to parliament, and through them, the community.