Reducing our impact on the environment

Achieved a 5 star greenhouse building rating
Significantly reduced paper storage to encourage electronic document production

Reducing our environmental impact

The Audit Office continues to report its progress against the Government Resource Efficiency Policy (GREP) which guides us towards meeting environmental targets.

In 2017–18, we remained focused on reducing our environmental footprint by:

  • using 100 per cent recycled content paper in all our photocopiers and printers
  • recycling 100 per cent of wasted paper using secure disposal processes
  • recycling 100 per cent of our ink and toner cartridges, and continuing to recycle cardboard and other recyclable products
  • disposing all laptop batteries in an environmentally-friendly way
  • publishing all of our Auditor-General’s Reports to Parliament in online format only to reduce paper usage
  • using a secure online file-transfer platform, so clients can easily share large files with us electronically, rather than via post
  • continuing to convert hard copy forms to self-service online forms
  • introducing improved recycling sorting bins to encourage greater recycling by staff
  • completing our electronic mail distribution project
  • continuing to reduce our paper-based storage to encourage electronic document creation and storage
  • transitioning client correspondence to electronic only, to further reduce printing.

In 2017–18, we also implemented two water saving improvements. We installed new filter water units in our kitchen areas on each of our floors with low-flow taps. We also installed new double-drawer dishwashers to improve efficiency and eliminate water wastage.

Greenhouse performance maintained

In 2017–18, the Audit Office achieved a greenhouse building rating of 5 stars, in line with government targets, by:

  • buying 40 per cent green electricity
  • using timers on lights and equipment
  • buying energy efficient equipment
  • running small, fuel efficient vehicles in our fleet
  • using automated lighting in meeting rooms to reduce power usage
  • utilising video-conferencing equipment for external meetings where possible to reduce travel
  • moving our on-premise data centre infrastructure into the cloud.

Transitioned some audit client correspondence to electronic only, 100% recycled content paper in photocopiers and printers, introduced new recycling sorting bins, low flow taps and water efficient dishwashers installed

The year ahead

In 2018–19, we will continue our commitment to reducing our environmental impact as part of our ‘Working Better Working Together’ strategic initiative. In our major Future Workplace Project within this initiative, we will be sourcing environmentally friendly office space, as well as designing as sustainable a workplace environment as possible.